Kim Hing Hong (M) Sdn. Bhd.


Earthly Branch: Water(地支:水)

This is a better year compare to the last with plenty of lucky stars emerging giving you a boost in your career with fame and fortune. Avoid getting involved in other affairs to prevent dispute, robbery, financial losses and accidents. Be watchful of elder’s health and safety at home. To overcome misfortune, place an Elephant Rhinoceros Treasure Vault at the North of the living room or office.

Optional Lucky Charm:

  • Career – Place an Academic Ornament at the left side of your work desk.
  • Five Yellow – Place a 6 Jade Disc with Ball at the North West of the living room.
  • Health – Place a Foshou Hulu at the South East of the living room.
  • Legal Issue – Place a Dragon Head Tortoise at the North West of the living room.
  • Love (Avoid) – Place a Phoenix Vase at the East of the bedroom.
  • Unlucky Star – Carry a Baijie Amulet.



今年三合照宫, 运势旺盛, 营谋顺利, 名利齐美. 慎防小人争执, 盗劫横祸, 财物耗损, 疾病刑伤. 注意家宅的变动,长辈的健康和意外刑伤. 宜在办事处或客厅的北方摆一座犀象镇库来镇宅息灾, 事业财运昌盛.


  • 事业: 在办事桌的左边摆一座魁星踢斗助您名利双收.
  • 五黄: 家中的西北方摆一座园满玉扣助镇宅挡煞.
  • 健康: 在厅的南方摆一只福寿康宁来保全年福寿安康.
  • 官非: 在厅的西北方摆一只龙龟来化煞官非耗财.
  • 解桃花: 在睡房的东方摆一座鸾凤和鸣来助婚姻幸福美满.
  • 凶星: 佩带一只百解牌助全年安康吉祥.