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Earthly Branch: Metal(地支:金)

With plenty of auspicious stars, the rooster enjoy a prosperous year ahead. However some unlucky star will manifest as accidents, gossip, worries, threat of robbery, getting confined and loss of wealth. Do not succumb to love affair as infidelity will result in irreconcilable relationships and quarrelsome family members. To remain prosperous, place a Rooster Ally Plate at the West of the living room or office.

Optional Lucky Charm:

  • Career – Place a Chief Official Seal at the left side of your work desk.
  • Unlucky Star – Carry a set of Earth Amulets.
  • Legal Issue – Place a Xuanwu at the West of your living room.
  • Love (Avoid) – Place a Phoenix Vase at the South of the bedroom.
  • Wealth – Place a Fortune Pot at the North East of the living room.



今年喜气临门, 贵人相随, 诸事顺心, 财喜盈门。但受到凶星从中破坏,带来口舌争扰, 意外刑伤,官司横祸或禁困。 已婚者须防婚外情, 应於家庭为重。 凡事应重视人和,放宽心胸, 运由心轉。宜在办事处或客厅的西方擺一座肖鸡三宝阵助您人事和谐, 家宅兴旺, 生财进禄.


  • 事业: 在办事桌的左边摆一座禄权官印助您加官晋爵, 名利双收.
  • 凶星: 佩带一套人地和谐钱助全年安康吉祥.
  • 官非: 在厅的西方摆一只玄武来化煞官非耗财灾祸.
  • 解桃花: 在睡房的南方摆一座鸾凤和鸣来助婚姻幸福美满.
  • 财运: 在厅的东北方摆一座财富盆为您招四方纳财,日进斗金.