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Earthly Branch: Metal(地支:金)

The arrival of Travelling Star indicates changes (i.e. new environment, new job) will be beneficial for the Monkey this year. However, outnumbered by unlucky star, it will be a challenging year. Troublemaker will cause misunderstanding which will lead to accidents, robbery and financial losses. Exercise tolerance for it will prevent disharmony at home and be attentive to elder’s health as well. To enhance your luck, place a Fortune Horse at the South West of the living room or office.

Optional Lucky Charm:

  • Accident – Carry a Bixie Mirror.
  • Enhance Luck – Place Xuanwu at the East of the living room.
  • Robbery – Place a Protective Rhinoceros at the North of the living room.
  • Unlucky Star – Place a Heqishengcai at the South East of the living room.



在驿馬星带动下, 有助于事业向外发展, 奔波劳碌生财, 劳而有获. 但受到凶星的影响下, 导致意志消沉, 易招灾惹祸, 是非缠身, 盗劫耗财. 须留意长辈健康(跌伤). 要多关怀家人以免孤独寂寞. 只要待人谦恭有礼, 以和为贵, 积德积福,自能转逆为顺. 宜在办事处或客厅的西南方擺一座骏业昌盛助您福至心灵, 财富事业顺畅.


  • 血光之灾: 佩带一只避邪镜助全年安康吉祥.
  • 旺运: 在厅的东方摆一只玄武来消灾纳福.
  • 劫煞: 在厅的北方摆一座镇宅犀牛盆来挡煞消灾.
  • 凶星: 在厅的东南方擺一尊和气生财助家宅和諧,吉祥如意.