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Earthly Branch: Earth(地支:土)

The Grand Duke Jupiter favor the Sheep this year, couple with the mentor star will give a boost in your career with fame and fortune. However, troublemakers surround you to spread damaging gossips which will leave you vulnerable to financial dispites. In addition, you must avoid extra marital affair or it may cause endless conflict at home. Also, be watchful of elder’s health at home. To have a better year, place a Fulushouxi at the South of the living room or office.

Optional Lucky Charm:

  • Health – Place a Hulu Anrenshui at the East of the living room.
  • Harmony –Place a Unison Horse at the North East of the living room.
  • Unlucky Star – Carry a Tianbao Amulet.
  • Love (Avoid) – Place a Phoenix Vase at the East of the bedroom.
  • Wealth – Place a Prosperity Toad at the South West of the living room.



今年羊马相合,太阳高照,财利通达.虽有财源得意,但诸事乃有多阻滞,是非多端,钱财瓜葛, 惹来耗财灾祸.勿好色贪财,易招惹家宅不宁,人财两失.多留意长辈健康的问题. 处事须诚心诚意, 广结喜缘.宜在办事处或客厅的南方摆一座福禄寿喜带来家宅安泰吉祥, 人气财气兴旺,事业昌盛,事事称心如意.


  • 健康: 在厅的东方摆一只葫芦安忍水保全年安康告祥.
  • 人缘: 在厅的东北方摆一座和谐马助人事和谐.
  • 凶星: 佩带一只天保钱助全年康吉祥.
  • 解桃花: 在睡房的东方摆一座鸾凤和鸣来助婚姻幸福美满.
  • 财运: 在厅的西南方摆一只纳财金蟾带来无限财富入宅.