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Earthly Branch: Fire(地支:火)

The Authority and Wealth Star will bring fame and fortune to the Horse this year. On the other hand, some unlucky stars and conflict with the Grand Duke Jupiter will amass as troublemakers, ill health, minor and freak accident and financial setbacks. Practice patient and humility to foster a harmonious household and rally supporters at work. As a remedy, place a Pixiu Treasure Chest at the South of the living room or office.

Optional Lucky Charm:

  • Accident – Carry a Tianbao Amulet..
  • Career – Place a Chief Official Seal at the left side of your work desk.
  • Household – Place a Fushou Hulu at the East of the living room.
  • Love (Avoid) – Place a Rooster with Fan at the East of the bed room.
  • Triple Punishment – Place a 3 Peak Guardian at the South East of the living room facing outside.



将星金匮来临,多行善积德,财喜盈门.但今年太岁当头遇凶星,易招小人暗害,口舌惹祸, 意外刑伤,破财暗耗,疾病横祸,六亲不安.凡事加倍谨慎处理,忍让包容,以和为贵, 自可消灾添福.宜在办事处或客厅的南方摆一座貔貅财库助您求谋顺心顺意, 事事亨通,事业昌盛.


  • 血光之灾: 佩带一只天保钱来保全年安康吉祥.
  • 事业: 在办事桌的左边摆一座禄权官印助您加官晋爵,名利双收.
  • 家宅: 在厅的东方摆一只福寿康宁保全年安康吉祥.
  • 解桃花: 在睡房的东方摆一只振翅雄威来助婚姻幸福美满.
  • 三刑: 在厅的东南方摆一座神兽峰朝向门外来化煞催旺.