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Earthly Branch: Fire(地支:火)

This is a better year compare to the last, as the lucky star will bring you stability in your career. However, troublemaker aplenty, which will cause dispute, litigation, illness, accidents, robbery and financial problems. Diplomacy, humility, generosity and adaptability will help to establish a harmonious environment and build allies. To overcome misfortune, place a Unison Horse at the South East of the living room or office.

Optional Lucky Charm:

  • Accident – Carry a Tianbao Amulet..
  • Health – Place a Liuxing Ankang Ornament at the South West of the living room.
  • Unlucky Star – Place a Hetu Luoshu at the North West of the living room.
  • Robbery – Place an Elephant Rhinoceros Treasure Vault at the North East of the living room.
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今年事业运不俗. 可惜受到凶星阻碍,人事上多争执困扰. 意外惊吓,官非纠纷, 盗劫刑伤, 财物耗散和疾病灾厄.紧记要息事宁人, 行善积福, 自可安泰. 宜在办事处或客厅的东南方摆一座和谐马来镇宅息灾, 和气吉祥, 事事称心如意.


  • 血光之灾: 佩带一只天保钱助全年安康吉祥.
  • 健康: 在厅的西南方摆一座六星安康阵来消灾纳福.
  • 凶星: 在厅的西北方摆一座河图洛书趋吉避凶, 全年安康吉祥.
  • 劫煞: 在厅的东北方摆一座犀象镇库来挡煞消灾, 并带来财帛丰盈.