Kim Hing Hong (M) Sdn. Bhd.


Earthly Branch: Earth(地支:土)

Overruled by unlucky stars the Dragon will find this to be a strenuous year. This affliction will come in the form of accident, robbery, sickness and financial losses. Also, take preventive measures and don’t engage in high risk activity involving water and height or it will haunt you later. Exercise tolerance and attentiveness to ensure a healthy and harmonious home. To overcome misfortune, place an Eight Immortal Dragon Boat at the South West of the living room or office.

Optional Lucky Charm:

  • Accident – Carry a Baijie Amulet..
  • Harmony – Place a Harmony Fireball at the South East of the living room.
  • Household – lace a Fushou Hulu in the North West of the living room.
  • Robbery – Place an Elephant Rhinoceros Treasure Vault at the North of the living room.
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今年命宫中众多凶星埋伏,吉星无力解救.事多异变. 做事徒劳无功,招来无妄之灾,钱财易破损, 盗劫灾祸,疾病困扰和意外刑伤(与山水有关).家宅运欠稳, 须注意家中成员的健康. 凡事以和为贵, 要多与家人沟通以免孤独空虚. 宜在办事处或客厅的西南方摆一座八仙龙船助来镇宅挡煞, 事业财富昌盛.


  • 血光之灾: 佩带一只百解牌来保全年安康吉祥.
  • 人缘:在厅的东南方摆一座和谐火焰来镇宅息灾, 和气致祥.
  • 家宅: 在厅的西北方摆一座福寿康宁为趋吉招福, 安康吉祥.
  • 劫煞: 在厅的北方摆一座犀象镇库来挡煞消灾, 并带来财帛丰盈.