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Earthly Branch: Water(地支:水)

Without any lucky star in its palace, the Rat’s fortune will fluctuate drastically. Avoid getting involve in others affairs to prevent dispute, accident, and being confined (i.e. imprison, hospitalize). Get advice before signing any documents, to avoid getting into litigation and financial losses. Tolerance and affection at home will create a healthy, harmonious and supportive household. Tactfulness, humility, generosity and adaptability will help avert ill-fate. To overcome negative effect, place a Rat Ally Plate at the North of the living room or office.

Optional Lucky Charm:

  • Accidents – Carry a Baijie Amulet.
  • Career – Place a Academic Ornament at the left side of your work desk.
  • Grand Duke Jupiter – Place a Pixiu Treasure Chest at the South of the living room.
  • Unlucky Star – Place a Guanludasheng at the North East of the living room.
  • Three Killing – Place a 3 Peak Guardian facing to the North of the living room.



今年岁破入宫,凶星汇集,运程反覆.情绪不稳,易惹口角是非.官非横祸,意外刑伤,盗窃耗财, 甚至禁困之灾.要谨慎处理财物和文件,以免财物耗损.家运颇弱,多注意家人的健康.凡事要三思後行, 以和为贵,善道积德,自可安康.宜在办事处或客厅的北方摆一座肖鼠三宝阵助您人事和谐,家宅兴旺, 并带来财意丰盈.


  • 血光之灾: 佩带一只百解牌助全年安康.
  • 事业: 在办事桌的左边摆一座魁星踢斗助您名利双收.
  • 太岁: 在厅的南方摆一座貔貅财库来化太岁之戾.
  • 凶星: 在厅的东北方摆一只官禄大圣来消灾纳福.
  • 三煞: 在厅中摆一座神兽峰朝向北方.