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Feng Shui

Feng Shui is environment study of all living and non-living thing on Earth in relation to the Sun, Moon, Jupiter and some planets particularly which have stronger magnetic forces. Human beings blood is iron content whose mood, behavior, passive, active, bravery, heroic, cowardice, egoistic are affected by it (electro magnetism).

Therefore Feng Shui is like the GPS to the living beings. It warned of impending danger and safe, love and hate, peace and war, friend and foe, misfortune and luck, healthy and sick. For those who believe, dare to try, and understand how to harness such mystic energy (magnetism) for synergic improvement to live a better and prosperous LIFE.

Three Luck (Fu Lu Shou)

They signifies the importance of the three lucky stars.
(Prosperity, Authority and Longevity)